meow WOOF photo

Bob Walker and Frances Mooney have experienced countless meows together; often needing a bigger bed. On two occasions, homeless dogs adopted Bob and Frances, adding WOOFs and belly rubs to their feline home. Fortuitously, an intro photo class captivated Walker’s imagination; guiding him forward as a best-selling author/photographer, gallery owner/director, and Museum of Photographic Arts (MoPA) founder.

In 1986, Bob and Frances started making huge holes in their walls so their family of felines could travel room-to-room overhead on one hundred and forty feet of cat highway. The Cats’ House instantly became a media magnet for print and television crews worldwide: including Animal PlanetPeopleHGTV, New York Times, Today ShowWashington Post, Inside EditionNational Geographic Kids, even Ripley’s—Believe It Or Not!.

The “feline fantasyland” not only elevated their cats’ lives, but Frances’ and Bob’s as well; providing the source and inspiration for Walker’s award-winning books, cards and calendars; and the couple's recognition as founders of the pet environmental enrichment movement – the international effort by pet lovers to remodel their living spaces for their companion’s physical and emotional well-being.

In 2013, Bob and Frances sold their trend-setting Cats’ House, loaded eight cats and dog Sadie into a RV, and moved to Fredericksburg, Virginia for East Coast seasons and new experiences. Currently, Walker is expanding his photographic vision with people and pet portraiture; capturing colorful, timeless precious moments.